Juan's Roofing

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"Serving All Your Construction Needs!"

We work with all Roofing, Exterior & Most Interior Jobs!!

A new house! If your building your house we also work with new constructions.

Tear-off's! This job is the toughest to work with. We have to tear off the roof shingles layer by layer the more layers the harder. Then, we have to replace any damaged wood, install felt and finally shingle. And other details such as: drip edge installation, vent installation, pipe flashing installation and more.

This Tear off shown here was one of the hardest. It had three layers of shingles, the shingles were really old, and the debris was enormous! Then, we had to install plywood sheets on all the roof. we took a total of eight days to finish the whole roof. Amazing! On an average we take three to five days for a regular house.

A Shingle Overlay! In this job we install the new shingle over the one already on the roof. We make sure the shingle is firmly nailed using longer roofing nails. Its as secure as other installations. The only con of this is that the roof may look a bit wavy in some areas depending on the condition of the old shingle under.

Roof Repairs. This roof had water leaks, We replaced the old damaged sheeting with a new one and installed new shingle. Look through our gallery to see more pictures of this one!

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